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$44.00 ea
357 Magnum American Eagle Belt Buckle
We take the heads (the ends) from various pistol cartridges, and join them together.  This is attached to a new commercial buckle back.  There is no live primers and the colour of the used primers will vary (brass or nickel).

In the centre of the belt buckle we mount a gold plated Texas Star on an antique silver plate ring, or a gold plated Scalloped Star on a polished antique silver plate with smaller gold plated stars.  The gold and silver plating is very thin, avoid excessive polishing or buffing.

The cases used to make these belt buckles are purchased unsorted, therefore the name of the manufacturer on the headstamp may vary and/or be mixed on each belt buckle.
As our belt buckles are individually hand crafted, each one is unique and subtly different in design and dimension.  Click on the links below to see a picture of each belt buckle.  Approximate specifications are:
Caliber Heads Center Overall Diameter Weight
9 mm Nickel Silver & Gold Texas Star 1 3/4" 3.0 oz
38 Special Brass Silver & Gold Texas Star 2" 3.4 oz
38 Special Brass Silver & Gold Scalloped Star 2" 3.6 oz
40 Smith & Wesson Brass Silver & Gold Texas Star 2" 3.5 oz
40 Smith & Wesson Nickel Silver & Gold Texas Star 2" 3.5 oz
This belt buckle is hand crafted, not poured metal and is made mainly of silver solder and soft metals. It isn't fragile, but it is not indestructible, care has to be taken due to the nature of its unique design.

Our Belt Buckles fit a 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" wide Snap Belt (not included).
Snap Belt Example 1 Snap Belt Example 2 Snap Belt Example 3

~ pictures above show a different belt buckle for example of a Snap Belt ~
The belt in our pictures was hand crafted by Laroche Leathers and is shown for display purposes only.  To purchase a quality custom made leather belt for your new belt buckle, drop by Laroche Leathers.
Shipping and Handling Information
Destination Service S&H Fee Insurance Tracking Transit Time
Canada Expedited Parcel $ 9.00 - $18.00 * included included 1 - 2 weeks
USA Small Packet $ 9.00   included n/a 2 weeks
* remote locations will be higher
For complete information, please refer to our Shipping policies.

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