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$11.00 pair
Authentic Bullet Earrings
Individual handcrafted earrings are made using fired 17 HMR (.17 cal) brass rifle cases and new Hornady
V-Max red tip bullets.  The fishhook ear wires are 22 gauge with 3mm loop and plated brass bead and coil. Made from surgical stainless steel ear wire (8% nickel).  There is no powder or live primers.
As our earrings are individually handcrafted, each pair is unique and subtly different in design and dimension.  Approximate specs for each earring:
Model Length of Earring Length of Bullet Weight Price
Mini Bullet 2 1/2" 1 5/8" 0.1 oz (3 g) $11.00
Due to the varying quality of brass cases by each manufacturer, each earring will be distinct due to any minor marks or other blemishes on the brass rifle cases.
These are just so cute and perfect for Mom or the special lady in your life!
Shipping and Handling Information
Destination Service S&H Fee Insurance Tracking Transit Time
Canada Other Letter Mail $ 3.00 included n/a 1 - 2 weeks
USA Light Packet $ 7.00 included n/a 2 weeks
~ We automatically combine ship whenever possible ~
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