We design all our handmade Well Dressed Bullet products; Belt Buckles, Bolo Ties, Bullet Pens, Card Guards, Clocks, Key Chains, Shotgun Shell Bar & Party Lights and more.

Remote locations (Canada)
Combined Shipping Rates
Handling Time
Transit Time
Rush Delivery
Gift Orders
Customs Documents
Import Fees
Canadian Taxes
S&H charges are included on each product page and will also be confirmed in our Order Details email.

For Canadian destinations, please note that Canada Post rates are more expensive to send within our own country than to US destinations and as postage fees vary by postal code, we provide an estimated cost by province.

Our Order Details email will include your exact S&H fee, which may be lower (in some instances a little higher, see below) based on your postal code.

S&H charges are subject to applicable Canadian taxes.
A service-area adjustment of $5.00 will be applied above the quoted S&H fees on our website for Expedited Parcels sent to remote areas in Canada that Canada Post has identified as having a particularly high cost to serve (i.e. Fort McMurray AB, Nunavut, etc).
Combined shipping is where you purchase two or more items (shipped together in the same package) and receive a discount on the shipping rates.

It is difficult to offer combined shipping rates with items sent by Other Letter Mail as this service has strict size and weight restrictions.

The combined shipping cost will always vary and is determined by the overall size and weight of the package.  For multiple purchases, your combined S&H fee will be included in your Order Details email.
Orders are usually processed and sent out within one business day after we receive your confirmation of our Order Details email (no postal service on weekends).

High volume shopping times and larger orders may result in a slight delay (one additional day).
Transit time is the amount of time your parcel may be in transit, how long it may take to arrive.

Please understand that the following situations are outside of our control and may delay the arrival date:

- any postal service or border/custom delays or disruptions
- any Canadian or U.S. holidays where there is no postal service
- severe weather i.e. major summer or winter storms
- high volume mail (such as Christmas)

If your purchase is required by a specific date, please check with us for our estimated arrival time before you buy, to avoid disappointment.
We are unable to offer a "guaranteed rush delivery" option to US destinations.  It isn't that we can't get it there a little sooner, it is that the cost is much higher and Canada Post does not guarantee the delivery time. Contact us prior to placing order (include the items to purchase and destination) and we will look up the cost and estimated delivery time for you.
We will send your purchase to your giftee and email a PDF copy of your sales receipt to you.  However, please refer to Customs Documents below.
As this is crossing the border, the outside of the package must have a customs document, there is no way around this.  This form includes both contents and true value.
Any additional import fees due upon delivery are the responsibility of the recipient.  True value is marked on all customs forms and copy of invoice is included in the package.

US Customs usually does not collect duties on personal shipments valued at less the $800.
Orders sent within Canada are subject to the following taxes:

New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador - 15% HST
Nova Scotia and PEI - 15% HST
Ontario - 13% HST
All other Provinces and Territories - 5% GST

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